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Teaching Farm

The Teaching Farm space, located on IFAS Research Drive, is a space dedicated to formal education and classroom involvement. Faculty are invited to work with the UF Community Farm staff to develop courses, units, or simply to bring a class out to the farm for a field trip! We also offer space for student independent research and have a number of interesting demonstrations for visitors to explore.

Student Engagement

Student engagement at the teaching farm will range from class involvement to independent studies. UF classes, upon request, will be allotted space to teach students about agriculture and food systems in a way that may connect their class with life outside of the classroom. Students are encouraged to submit a request for research plots. Research plots will be given to undergraduate or graduate students who may want to conduct independent studies in agriculture. For more information, please read the guidelines and to request space you may fill out the request form.


The Teaching Farm offers faculty from across UF a space to develop courses, offer field trips or include hands-on modules in existing courses. There are opportunities for student independent study, research and internships that will help students develop skills in management, project planning, communication and collaboration in addition to technical skills for their field. The teaching farm is partnered with existing centers and programs to encourage and facilitate interdisciplinary collaborations and work to bridge science and the humanities. The farm is also a site that can be used for Extension programming and outreach to the broader community.


The teaching farm is the center for exploration and experimentation. Although production is not a main focus for this area a large amount of food will be produced through the demonstrations and teaching occurring here. Food produced as a result of this will be donated to food pantries and members of the farm.


The teaching farm will host fun events and programs designed to attract a broad diversity of people and to help foster community among participants. The farm is also a great place to come hangout while on campus. There are many elements to the farm that visitors will be able to enjoy along with picnic areas to eat and relax. Work out equipment will also be found here, a great place to get fit and enjoy nature.