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Student Garden

The Student Garden space, located on Museum Drive, is geared towards community engagement. Here the UF community is able to work in the farm to provide food for those involved in its production as well as donate food to local food pantries. Events at the student gardens will foster an environment for community building and help participants connect to the many aspects of our food system.

Student Engagement

Students involved in the production and management of the student garden will work on growing a diverse selection of vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers. Students may contribute to the farm by becoming a member of the Gator Gardening Club. Members of the farm work together producing food and managing the farm, and all food produced goes to members and to those in need. Internships offered at the student garden give students the opportunity to experience running a farm on a day-to-day basis. Students may also participate as a volunteer, an excellent option for those who need volunteer hours and have an interest in gardening and farming. Student clubs are encouraged to take part in the garden as well.


The Student Garden also offers space for demonstration and outreach. The garden demonstrations being developed include a small orchard, a row crop farming system, native pollinator areas and a heritage garden demonstrating the history and diverse culture of agriculture in Florida. Events held here will demonstrate farming, food safety and post-harvest management, health, culture, economy, etc. through connecting with the food pantry on campus, hosting workshops and trainings, holding farm to table events, potlucks and many other activities.


The Student Garden is the center of production for the UF Community Farm. Here student grow food for the UF community and various food pantries. The production efforts focus on growing a diverse selection of vegetables and herbs year round as well has having a perennial orchard producing fruits and nuts.


The Student Garden will host fun events and programs designed to attract a broad diversity of people and to help foster community among participants. The gardens are also a great place to come hangout while on campus. There are many elements to the farm that visitors will be able to enjoy along with picnic areas.

Would you like to get involved? Please email our director Anna Prizzia or view the Gator Garden Club Facebook page.