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Current & Past CALS LI Cohorts

CALS Leadership Institute Cohort VIII

Noah Boldt, Agricultural Operations Management
Angela Echeverry, Environmental Management
Brittany Foster,
Family, Youth, and Community Sciences
Shannon Fry, Agricultural Education and Communication
Elizabeth Graydon, Microbiology
Shaylynn Kolwyck, Animal Sciences
Logan Luse, Agricultural Education and Communication
Rachel McKay, Biology
Romae Morgan, Nutritional Sciences
Jasmine Morris, Animal Sciences
Rosmery Nerey Rodriguez, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation
Jordan Quintanilla, Agricultural Education and Communication
Abigail Schirmer, Nutritional Sciences and Microbiology

CALS Leadership Institute Cohort VII

Aimee Goulet, Animal Sciences
Nicole Jennings, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation
Kotryna Klizentyte, Forest Resources and Conservation
Cassondra Newman, Plant Science
Lindsay Powers, Biology
Emily Schmidt, Environmental Sciences
Keshari Shrestha, Microbiology

CALS Leadership Institute Cohort VI

Randy Adams, Plant Science
Denni Cook, Biology
Caroline Dailey, Agricultural Education and Communication
Le’a Dawes-Vaeth, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation
Justin Gearhart, Forest Resources and Conservation
Maggie Gullion, Forest Resources and Conservation
Allysen Marks, Family, Youth, and Community Sciences
Lindsey Rechcigl, Food Science and Human Nutrition
Shelby Smith, Animal Science
Alexandra Swets, Animal Science

CALS Leadership Institute Cohort V

Will Dezern, Plant Science
Megan Di-Lernia, Animal Sciences
Corey Graf, Plant Science
Clay Hurdle, Agricultural Education and Communication
Daniel Jewett, Horticultural Science
Taylor Jones, Environmental Science
Andrew Land, Environmental Management in Agriculture and Natural Resources
Gabriella Milanes, Entomology and Nematology
T. Buddy Miller, Agricultural Education and Communication
Rachel Morgan, Agricultural Education and Communication
Shelby Oesterreicher, Agricultural Education and Communication
Joanna Reeg, Animal Sciences

CALS Leadership Institute Cohort IV

Nhi Do, Food Science and Human Nutrition
Nicole Liles, Agricultural Education and Communication
Valerie McKee, Agricultural Education and Communication
Caroline McKinght, Food and Resource Economics
Michelle Nguyen, Biotechnology
Morgan Nussbaum, Food and Resource Economics
Casey Parker, Entomology and Nematology
Stephanie Sanchez, Microbiology
Sheila Scolaro, Restoration Horticulture
Andrew Silverman, Food Science and Human Nutrition
Drew Walker, Food Science and Human Nutrition
Sabrina White, Entomology and Nematology

CALS Leadership Institute Cohort III

MaryBeth Alderman, Food Science & Human Nutrition
Joshua Fonzi, Microbiology & Cell Sciences, Entomology & Nematology
Amelia Hardy, Environmental Horticulture
Rachel Kelly, Biology
Kelsey Kolb, Family, Youth, & Community Sciences
Daniel Leckie, Agricultural Communications
Kaley Mialki, Food Science & Human Nutrition
Jacquelyn Neal, Agricultural & Biological Engineering
Caitlyn Prichard, Food & Resource Economics
Anjali Shrestha, Microbiology
Cassandra Winterrowd, Food Science & Human Nutrition
Keivan Zolfaghari, Food & Resource Economics

CALS Leadership Institute Cohort II

Ryan Armstrong, Food & Resource Economics
Jamie Fussell, Food & Resource Economics
Brittany Gilbert, Animal Science & Psychology
Michele Goodfellow, Natural Resource Conservation & Communication
DJ McElroy, Food and Resource Economics
Brittany Oliver, Biology & German
Rebecca Quinonez, Food Science & Human Nutrition
Ashlyn Smith-Sawka, Soil & Water Science
Tracy Vu, Food Science & Human Nutrition
April Wu, Food Science & Human Nutrition

CALS Leadership Institute Cohort I

Kaitlyn Burgess, Food Science and Human Nutrition
JTina Chen, Botany
Jason Davison, Agricultural Education and Communication
Sarah DeLoach, Agricultural Education and Communication
Jonathan Dumas, Animal Sciences
Lillie Emmelhainz, Biology
Rusty Hartline, Agricultural Education and Communication
Alexander Jenkins, Food and Resource Economics
Johanna Wilkes, Food and Resource Economics


CALS Leadership Institute

Students will engage in leadership modules, an international travel experience, and a mentoring relationship.